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Cinderella's Suitcase - Part 2

Several weeks ago I was talking to a mother asking how she's doing. Her daughter who finished 10th grade at CCS is now finishing her 12th grade in another school. After a few minutes in our talk she told me that she's been praying for a need she has and asked if I can pray for it also. Her daughter needed a dress to attend a senior prom at school. She was telling me that she cannot afford to buy or rent one. I told her how glad I was that she shared her prayer request with me and then I went on and told her about the Cinderella's Closet ministry. Her surprised look was priceless! She was so thankful for an answer to her prayer.

After several days the mom and daughter came to see me. Her daughter brought a friend who also needed a dress. This time I was the one who was full of excitement! Here's the opportunity I have been looking forward to. To see how God will bless and use the dresses for His glory in schools! As the girls were trying the dresses on in one room, I was praying in another room. Praying for God to give me the words to say and to open the girls' hearts to the truth about His love for them. Once they were done the time of sharing was sweet! That day they heard that Jesus loves them and that in His sight they are beautiful and perfect. The next several days these two girls kept coming back bringing more girls from their school. More girls heard about Jesus' love for them!

I've never met or known these girls before but after trying on the dresses, picked what they liked, talking and praying for them - the connection was already there. God through this dresses connected us with each other for a purpose - to make Him and His love be heard and known. I pray that what they've heard and known will one day be accepted and believed in their hearts. Please pray with me.

In addition to the above mentioned girls, daughters of a few missionary families were also blessed to have these dresses available for them to borrow. God is such a faithful provider to our community of missionary kids and their families.

On behalf of Kids International Ministries, THANK YOU to the many individuals, groups and churches whom God used to provide for the dresses. All the praises and honor we give to our awesome and loving God! May He continue to bless the ministry of Cinderella's Closet here and there!

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