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Cinderella's Suitcase - Part 1

Last Christmas our caregivers and staff at New Faith Family Children's Home planned their Christmas party to be a memorable one - a Christmas ball. For one night they want to dress beautifully and enjoy the night. These caregivers and staff work hard and care so much for the children daily. Their job is not easy. Caring for so many children, from different and difficult, some traumatic or abusive backgrounds can be draining. For a few hours they will escape from the spit ups, the changing table, the kitchen, the laundry, the mess on the floor, and whatever else they normally do to care for the orphans.

Exciting! But there is a problem. These caregivers came from the communities surrounding the children's home. Impoverish some of them are but work diligently to provide for their families and minister to the children. A beautiful dress they cannot afford, but God knew this need will come. He already prepared the dresses for His daughters!

Cinderella's Closet, a ministry of Cornerstone Baptist Church (our home church) in Inverness, Florida headed by Dana Lane Davis provided the dresses for the occasion. The ministry provides prom dresses for high school girls in their community and share God's love to the young ladies. Last summer while we were home I shared with Dana the need of our CCS students for prom/banquet dresses. She was more than excited to share the blessings (dresses) and to extend the ministry of Cinderella's Closet in the Philippines. A suitcase of 30+ dresses was sent to the Philippines! Though the dresses are intended to be used for a school prom/banquet occasion, God has more than that in His plans for them!

The caregivers, though not high school students, but busy "mothers" for the orphans were blessed to wear these dresses. That night of Christmas ball they had an unforgettable experience! Beautiful and amazing! They heard from God's word that like Mary they were chosen - to care for His little ones. They were reminded that God knows each one of them, cares and will provide for them and most of all , they are special and that He loves them.

Beautiful daughters of the King!

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