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Christmas Prayer Request and Needs List

Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat (Merry Christmas to all of you)!

Our ministry's new website has some really neat features that allow us to keep better communication with all of you. We are going to experiment with a few things and see how it works. For now, we like the idea of keeping a regular update of our prayer requests and our needs list.

You can also check out our family blog whenever you like!

Have a great Christmas and a blessed new year!

Won by One,

Josh, for Val and the Kids!

Current Needs:

We were able to raise some additional support while on furlough, but we are still at about 70-75 of our missions recommendation ($5,000 per month)

We have been raising some funds for a van to transport ministry teams, Faith Academy sports teams and help with guests . Initially, we had some personal funds we were going to put towards that, but we experienced some unexpected immigration fees after returning which consumed a great deal of our surplus funds from furlough. Currently, we are at about $17,000 of our needed $25,000 budget.

We would like to build a couple of homes for some impoverished families to whom we have ministered. We are part way through one home, and have 2 more families who are in need. Each home costs about $4,000

Buhay Sports needs teams and players who will come to the Philippines to help us spread the Gospel through basketball

Prayer Requests:

That our marriage and family would be healthy, with our focus on Christ and His will for us

Health and protection for our family as we do life in Manila, Philippines

The kids as they continue to adjust back to life in the Philippines, returning to Faith Academy, friendships, studies and life in general for 3rd culture kids

Caleb saw an ophthalmologist, and has a couple issues with his eyes. Nothing to be alarmed about, but prayers that the prescribed interventions will fix the problem

Josh will go to Australia to participate in the Baptist Basketball Carnival in January. Prayer for safe travels, and opportunities to share ministry opportunities

Val and Mackenzie go to Outdoor Ed in February. Outdoor Ed(ucation) is a middle school program where kids spend a week living in the jungle. They do some ministry in the provincial area, learn some survival skills, and do some team and relationship building. Prayer for safety and for lives to be impacted. Val is helping to feed everyone as part of the kitchen staff.

There are a couple of ministry teams evaluating the possibility of partnering with us and Buhay Sports over the next year. Please pray that God will give clear direction and provide funds as needed.

Smooth transition as we continue to shift from First Love to Kids International Ministries.

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