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Hello, I'm glad that you are here to read my blog from the past 2 months. I hope you are well and are so far enjoying 2021. It has been a great 2 months in the ministry and in my life.

Honestly, my life is not always good I experience challenges like family problems. But you know what? God indeed is God because when I was overthinking and asking question in my mind and I couldn’t sleep at night God is helping me to have peace, God is comforting me and reminding me that he cares for me and he doesn’t want me to face my challenges alone.

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Every morning we do feedings from tuesday to friday. We dance and sing with the kids, share stories about God and we give lugaw. After that we play with the kids, talk with them and get to know them more.

You know the feeling of not getting attention from your family and so you go out and find it from other people, every time we do the feedings we experience this from all the kids. They want our attention because they don’t get it at home, which is sad because family is the first that should show us that attention. I know there is no perfect family. Theres some kids that has a wealthy life but no attention from their parents, and theres some kids that are poor but they also don’t experience attention from their parents, it’s really sad because no matter what your life position is, if you don’t get attention from your parents, you will try to find it from other people or things.

At this time, Sophie and I are the only ones running the feedings but sometimes we have some volunteers from the community who come with us. It is tiring but it’s worth it.

At the feedings we bring colouring materials to allow the kids to draw pictures related to the story we share. Sometimes I talk to some kids and share stories about my life.

During the week we meet with our volunteers for Youth Lab Kids and we talk about what we will do on Saturday. Before we start we always do a devotion with them sharing the Word of God, encouraging them and empowering them.

Every Saturday we have our Youth Lab Kids. Each month we have 3 different session, first is the regular session, then the small group session and at the end of the month we have a FUN Day. God is moving in the lives of the kids because every small group session we talk deeper than usual (God’s love/forgiveness are some examples) and the kids are really experiencing and encountering God. God knows that many of the kids are experiencing brokenness and abuse. I believe that God is showing his love and helping the kids to forgive those people who have hurt them, and God will bring healing to them.

Since January we have had 2 fun days. Its amazing to have a fun day after our small group session week where the kids were crying. On our fun day, we prepare some games for them like bowling(that we made), angry birds, hoola hoop relay, etc.

In January Sophie and I did street evangelism and it’s always a joy for me to go out and do evangelism but honestly after that we haven’t been out. Our schedule is hectic and sometimes I feel discouraged to go out by myself. One thing that I know is that the devil doesn’t want me to go out and preach the word of God, that’s why he is trying to deceive me BUT GOD is always encouraging me and reminding me that those lost and blind people need to know hear the good news and know God and the hope in him. I want you to know that I will buy a speaker to start street preaching this month. As I go please always consider me in your prayers to have courage to go out and start training some young people who will come with me.

This year I started a connect group with some boys who attend Youth Lab Praise Party. This is new to me, everything is new but I know when God gives me new things he will always be there to help me and guide me. I’m excited to see how this connect group will go, how we will share our life stories together, encourage one another and share wisdom whilst growing in our faith. I’m also planning on taking this connect group to do street evangelism with me.

I want to share to you that I am engaged to a Fearful and Wonderful Woman of God. I don’t want to wait for a long time to get married but in this season we are waiting until next year January. We are waiting for the border to open so her friends and family can come because I want to honour them and I don’t want to get married without Sophie’s family there. The season of waiting is hard BUT GOD is doing something and moulding everything as everyday goes by.

One thing that I know, no matter what season we are in, no matter what is going on in our life God is in control because he is GOD.

God is faithful, he has provided generous people to meet my needs. Im excited to share that this past month someone donated to me to buy shoes and I bought these shoes from the thrift shop. It’s been a long time since I bought myself shoes, but I praise God because he has provided for me to have my own shoes YESSS!

I would like to invite you to pray with me as I continue to look and rely on God to provide people who will support Sophie and I monthly or once off as we enter a new season of getting married and starting our own life together as missionaries.




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