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Blank Stares

Today was a long day for us. In fact, we took four hours traveling to Rodriguez, Rizal and around 3 hours back. Those long hours that made my day long, was even heavy as I talked to this "brother-sister in law". As we extend food packs to them, I honestly felt the privilege having spared from the concl

uded typhoon during the week, but I had also couple of "whys" in my heart on the issue of His choice and basis of why he chose these people to suffer. I can't really comprehend. Not that I want to suffer just like that, but...

While they ate with muddy hands (who cares? they are sooo hungry), tears flowed from their eyes , overwhelmed that at last food had come near them. There were many of them. Visiting them brought honor and pride and sense of being valued. I don't really know how to help them. I know the feeling of losing something valuable and dear. To think that a house, probably a HOME for the family is

damaged, it must be a devastating one. I have been on this scenario in the past, but needless to say, still I am helpless and do not know how to help them. I prayed for them that they will find the Lord in the midst of this situation.

Maybe, temporarily, material things to replace what they lost or food for days can lift them up for days, but the pain is still inevitable and recurring. It takes God to heal them, and to heal what I feel! LET's HELP THEM MGA KAPATID! What is your share?

If the Lord is moving you towards helping them... just contact or my number at 09177148185. You can also PM me at FB with Bobot Migraso account.

Very Sincerely yours,


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