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Updated: Sep 2, 2018

For years now God has been faithfully providing education for the poor through Cuatro Christian School, a ministry of Kids International Ministries. We believe that one of many ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education. The school offers Kindergarten to Grade 10 program to as many as 500 students. In the Philippines once you finished grade 10 you were then a high school graduate. Not anymore.

Three years ago the Philippines Department of Education adopted the K-12 program. It's been a big adjustments for a lot of Filipino families. To help the people during the adjustment, the government offers a voucher. For the most part the voucher covers the tuition of the High School (grades 11-12) the student chooses. This is great, but...

Because our students are having to leave Cuatro Christian School to attend Senior HS they now have transportation and a small meal expense. This daily need for about 100 pesos is really a hardship for most students and their families. Ellen and I determined many of the students were able to maintain this daily allowance for a month or two but ultimately were struggling to pay the day to day costs...

We believed we should try to help as many students as possible which ended up being about 10 students. Through investigation we believe about 100 pesos/day was needed (about $2). As we shared this with friends and supporters in the USA we received sponsors for 7 more students.

So presently we are helping 17 students with their daily transportation and a meal each day in school. We meet with them every Sunday and pray with them and share a devotional. They are great group of students. They are appreciative for the financial help and many are seeking for ways to care/minister to younger children. It is a blessing we are blessed to be a part of.

Please pray for the addition of grades 11 and 12 at Cuatro Christian School. The hope is for grade 11 to be offered next school year with grade 12 the following year.

Here are some pictures of the students...

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