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Hello Friends, how are you doing?

God is faithful, indeed I was awe how God moved in the ministry and into my life for the last three months. And it's something that I am very fascinated to tell you in this blog what are the things that God has been done.

Are you ready?

AWAKENING is something that God had impressed on me in the last three months of 2021. It is something that I am very EXCITED about! And to be part of the AWAKENING of young people, families, and communities make me so eager to work for God's Kingdom.

Last January 20-22- 2021, the team that I have been working in the community had the privileged to do camp at KIM. It was an amazing 3 days camp doing some activities such a team building, teaching, and planning for 2021 community work. During those days we witness so many youths who wanted to work for God's Kingdom in a different kind of work. We don't just witness youth who wanted to work for God's Kingdom, we also witness young people coming to Jesus Christ. January 20-2021, 10 young people got baptized. We end the camp with so many great memories, ideas, and how to continue working in the community. And today, when I looked back, I was just amazed how God moved in the community by using the youths to be part of His Kingdom Work. Those 3-day camps back in January were just useful and they help everyone to continue until now.

Indeed God is moving in the community through the lives of youth. I wanted to give a big shout-out to my Core team and equipped team. These are the people who make all programs possible.


January 28-2021 is the month that God allowed my team to be part of the awakening of young people around Cuatro. My team and I launched another branch of YOUTHLAB! It A YouthLab Junior! Youthlab Junior is a movement that aims to reach out the young people age 11-14 years old in the communities and bring them towards God's intention for their life. Throughout the last two months, we have almost 200 middle schoolers coming every Thursday.

Indeed, God is doing awakening in the lives of young people. I wanted to thank God for using me to lead the YL Junior. And big Shout it to my team! AJ Ornias, Arman Metante, Amber Ellis, Sophie, Emily, Mary Ann, and Norman Denler. These are the people who make all these possible.

Here is the short Video of YL Junior.


Sport Ministry,

Ignite Volleyball Club

Last February 2021, was the Awakening of young people through volleyball ministry. Our Volleyball ministry growing a lot in all ways. We now have 58 students from different communities. We meet every Tuesday from 12:3- 4:00 pm. We do some training along with a discipleship program. We divide our students into small groups and have a group discussion. In the next few weeks, we will have our boys and girls separated training since we are growing. We hope that our sports ministry will have an impact on their own families. We desire that through the sphere of sports whole families can come to know the gospel and small churches can be planted among the unreached.

Our Vision

TRANSFORMING Communities through Volleyball

INFLUENCING Youth towards a disciplined lifestyle.

TEACH and TRAIN coaches to disciple youth.

IMPACT families and communities through Education, Health Care, and Community Development efforts.

MULTIPLY Volleyball ministry throughout the Philippines.

I wanted to thank our coaches Ace Anical, Enzo Liwanag, Via Casin, Renzyl, and Jivanta for allowing God to used their potential to be great coaches, leaders, and followers of God. These are the passionate people why our Volleyball has been growing.


Let The Little children Come To Jesus

Last week we saw God moved in the lives of 105 children from the community by doing AWAKEN program. The goal of the program is simply to revive or arouse the FAITH of young people. Bringing them to move forward towards God's intention for their lives. That will result into TRANSFORMATION of individuals, families, and community.


In the last 3 months, God is doing something towards transformation in the different kinds of ministry. I am just grateful to be part of the transformation and revival of the young people, families, and communities. AWAKENING is happening! God is on the move! He will be transforming lives through the work that we have.

In all these work, I wanted to acknowledged and give all the praises to God for putting all these great things that He has done in the last 3 months. The awakening, revival, and transformation come only from the Lord.

Matthew 10:6 your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

In Christ,


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