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"Attempt Great Things for God, Expect Great Things from God" -William Carrey

For eight consecutive years, I've been teaching grade one class and it's my joy to be with them but teaching in higher grades will always be my desire. This year God answers my prayer, I became a highschool values teacher but a pandemic came. No face to face with my students, but as I do modules and other preparations in school I found out that it's not an easy task but enjoyable. Sharing and imparting God's word in the module with the prayer that God uses these things to enlighten their hearts. Just do the least thing I can do for His glory and He will do the rest. Salvation belongs to Him.

God's plan is always perfect, it is always my desire to be in His vineyard, DOING GREAT THINGS FOR HIM and EXPECTING GREAT THINGS FROM HIM"

To God be the Glory!!!

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