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May 20,2020

More than just food!

Read this story about the impact of feeding!

#TheCoronaOpportunity πŸ™Œ Change in plans. With the Coronavirus lockdown in effect we cannot go to the community and feed. So the idea came out to distribute food at the market in front of the YMC. IT WAS A HIT!!! We went through 4 huge pots of food in 20 min. Kids, families, elderly... Anyone and everyone came. Tomorrow we will cook 12 pots. It is an amazing time to come around this community and help. The smiles, laughter and comments of 'thank you' were abundant.

We also have local pastors joining us in the food distribution. In this time, where fear grips people's hearts and many are concerned about what the future holds, it is an amazing opportunity for the Church. I call it "The Corona Opportunity". People's fearful hearts are now open to hear how we as Christian's were NOT given a spirit of fear. How powerful a testamony is that? While they are afraid what the future may hold, we confidently know what it holds for us.

At this time when the whole world is fixated on fear, don't waste the opportunity to share about Christ and the freedom from fear that comes with a relationship with Him! #TheCoronaOpportunity #KidsInternationalMinistries


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