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AMT of GOAL goal

Many women in the community don't have the funds for an ultrasound. Please help us cover the cost for women that cannot afford an ultrasound (around 100 each year)




$1 OneTime

Provide one ultrsound to a woman in need

$3 OneTime

Provide 3 ultrasounds

$6 OneTime

6 ultrasounds for women who come to hope alive clinc.

$10 OneTime

Provide 10 ultrasounds!


USD OneTime

Choose your own amount


Volunteering and/or YMC guest house schedules: serving@kidsim.org

Donations or finances: business@kidsim.org

New Faith Family Children's Home: desscamitan@kidsim.org

Cuatro Christian School:  dicky.aranas@ccs.edu.ph 

US Address/Phone:

Kids International Ministries

P.O. Box 1369, Lawrence, KS 66044

Phone: (785) 318-0539

Philippines Address/Phone:

Kids International Ministries

#3 Birds of Paradise, Barangay San Juan, Valley Golf Subdivision, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

NFFCH  Phone number:  +63 658 1777  YMC Phone number:  +63 2 658 4820