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I'm 24 years old and lived my entire life here in the Philippines. We are a family of 5 namely Arthur, my dad, Joy my mom, and I'm the eldest of 3, namely Jammes, and Jana. We have been serving and doing ministry for as long as I could think of. I'm the youth pastor in our local church and I was a guidance counselor for 2 years in a school and it was during this COVID-19 pandemic that God really spoke to me and called me to become the youth pastor for YouthLab, a youth organization under KIM's. It was a wild ride going to this point. I kept denying God for 3 years and yet He kept pursuing me. God really qualifies the called. It's not about me anymore, and it will never be about me. I wanna encourage all of you who are reading this. Live your life for the right reason, and for the right person. That is Jesus.


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