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Much has changed at KIDS International Ministry in the last 2 years and we believe when you come back it will even be better than before. Most of the things you loved to be a part of are still places you can serve BUT there is now so much more that you can be a part of. Take a look at a few of them below.

But first, we have a couple of special opportunities for those who come soon!


Here we go!!!

Come back to your favorite place and serve again.

We miss you so much we we want you to stay for free!!! Book by Mar 31st
(All you need to pay for is your food - $10 / day)
We are so excited to show you what God has done that if you book by Mar 31st and we will give you 50% off of your stay!


Every Friday night we have a youth meeting with 150-250 youth. 

  • Participate

  • Help lead

  • Help with worship

  • Setup / breakdown

  • Help media team

  • Creatives team - decorate, props, etc.

  • Lead small groups

  • Belong groups every week


Praise party!

Family Ministry

Every week, family ministry is in the communities around us reaching out to the families


  • Participate in bible studies in the homes in the communities multiple days each week

  • Help setup and takedown of weddings of couples in our communities

Pennylane 1.jpg


Family Ministry

6 times a year we host a 1st birthday party for kids born in our clinic. 

  • Build relationships with the families

  • Setup / Teardown

  • Hold the babies so moms can participate more

  • Prepare food

  • Wrap gifts


First birthday party

Church Connect

Feed 60,000 meals every week through many church partners.

  • Help cook food

  • Go out with the drivers to deliver

  • Partner with local pastors to feed their communities

  • Do children's programs at the feedings

  • Love on a BUNCH of kids

IMG_20200407_064758 (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Meals and Values


Every Saturday we have over 200 kids in our kids program.

  • Drive to pickup and drop off kids

  • Work with our youth in leading YL Kids

  • Help with the creatives team preparing for YL Kids each week


YL Kids


Every Thursday we have 150-200 attend YL Jam (for ages 11-14.  It is a WILD time!

  • Help team prepare 

  • Lead small groups

  • Help creatives team

  • Help with worship

  • Be part of welcome team

  • Host a party for YL Juniors

  • Coordinate swim time

IMG_20200407_064758 (1) (1)_edited.jpg

YL Jam

Same opportunities as before but now many more.  Here are a few!

Come and join us!

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